Hoeve Meerzicht is a cattle breeding business with 100 beef cattle, which consists of 70 milking cows and 30 young cattle.

You are most welcome to take a look at the calves or the milking of the cows, where Piet and Paula Kalverboer will tell you about their farming.
In spring it is very busy, the 55 sheep giving birth, a sign that spring announces itself.
The polder "the Monnickenmeer" is a peat meadow area of approximately 125 hectares, of which the Kalverboer family have 45 hectares in use.
The company provides meadow bird protection with lots of flowers along the ditch sides.
In addition to the milk cattle breeding and the guest rooms, we gladly receive school groups to give explanations concerning our farming. Once each year we organise with other farms in the surrounding area, a bicycle excursion (for the whole family) of 15 kilometres, with different activities and attractions at each farm. A reoccurring event is the "Blubberrace". A “race” across the farming fields and ditches of the Monnickenmeer and Overleek, which is a great day for both competitors and spectators.